Varnish Documentation

The official documentation contains a install guide, a tutorial and a reference.

Relevant releases:

If you run one of these release, you should really upgrade:

The bleeding edge:

For the historically inclined, has a complete copy of the old Trac Wiki.

The Varnish Book

A comprehensive user guide for System Administrators and Web Developers in book format provided by Varnish Software:

If you have feedback or want to make improvements to the book please do so by creating issues and/or send us pull-requests.

The Varnish (Web Developer) Wiki

Varnish Software has compiled a wiki for Web Developers with Tutorials, Step-by-step guides, tips, VCL snippets and more. The content focused on the following web technologies:

There are also some generic resources available:

We welcome contributions to the Varnish Web Dev Wiki and you can help by creating issues and/or send us pull-requests.